The specialist in the field of dual education of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Karl Weinhuber, is on a visit to the ATU Gagauzia

A German specialist in the field of dual education, Karl Weinhuber is visiting the ATU Gagauzia in the period of 1-5 of July 2019.

During the visit, Mr. Weinhuber scheduled to have meetings with the representatives of professional educational institutions of the UTA Gagauzia. 

Today, 1st of July, he has already visited one of these meetings which had place in the conference hall of Comrat State University. Karl Weinhuber spoke about the dual education system in Germany, about the advantages of its implementation for educational institutions and enterprises of Gagauzia, as well as for the state in common.

During the visit, is also planned to visit professional educational institutions of mun. Comrat, mun. Ceadir - Lunga and the city of Vulcanesti, enterprises of Gagauzia, as well as the Free Economic Zone of the city of Vulcanesti and the subzones Comrat and Ceadir - Lunga.