Head of Gagauzia Evghenia Guțul met with the Leadership of Krasnodar region

Governor (Bashkan) of Gagauzia Evghenia Guțul met with the Leadership of the Krasnodar region — the First Vice-Governor of Kuban Igor Galas and Deputy Governor Alexander Ruppel.

The meeting resulted in the decision to prepare a new agreement between the Gagauz Autonomy and the Krasnodar Region.

“Krasnodar Territory is one of the largest regions of Russia, about 7 million people live here. In terms of purchasing power, the Kuban market is close to Moscow. Access to it for entrepreneurs of Gagauzia is an excellent opportunity to sell their products.

It was important for me to see the desire of my Russian colleagues to maintain friendly ties between our peoples. After all, we have a common past, which must be respected as part of the history of our country.

We also noted the need for more active communication between the youth of the Krasnodar Territory and Gagauzia. We agreed that the World Youth Festival in Sochi is an excellent platform for young people to meet and interact in the future.

To do this, I invited students and graduates of Kuban universities - future teachers of the Russian language - to practice in schools in Gagauzia. Fortunately, my proposal was accepted,” said the Head of Gagauzia, Evghenia Guțul.