Governor of Gagauzia Evghenia Guțul met with the President of the Russian Federation

During the World Youth Festival in Sochi, the Governor (Bashkan) of Gagauzia met with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“The President of the Russian Federation discussed with me the complex regional and geopolitical issues at the epicenter of which our Gagauzia is located.

I informed Mr. Vladimir Putin about the lawless actions of the government in Moldova, which is taking revenge on us for our civic position and loyalty to national interests.

Chisinau is taking away our powers step by step, limiting the budget, violating legal rights, provoking instability and destabilization in Gagauzia and throughout the country,” Bashkan wrote on social networks.

“The Russian leader promised to support Gagauzia and the Gagauz people in defending our legitimate rights, powers and positions in the international arena,” the Head of Gagauzia said.