Visitors from 16 countries will participate in Gagauz-Turkish ethno-cultural festival in Gagauzia

   In a meeting with the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Numan Kurtulush also took part the deputy of the People's Assembly from the village of Kazakliya Ivanna Koksal and the chairman of the society of the Moldo-Turkish friendship Rafet Koksal.
   The Gagauz delegation came up with an initiative to the minister about holding a festival in the autonomy, namely in the village of Kazakliya, with the invitation of representatives of national groups from Turk-speaking countries.
The event will be timed to the main spring holiday of the Gagauz people - Hederlez, which is celebrated on May 6. Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Numan Kurtulush supported this initiative and expressed readiness to provide all-round support in organizing the festival.
   At the same time, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey will support Gagauzia in publishing a catalog of 60 famous Gagauz artists. The layout of the edition was developed by the Central Administration of Culture and Tourism of the Autonomy. The catalog is a collection of 160 pages, it will be published in 1 thousand copies.
   During the meeting, Irina Vlah and Numan Kurtulush discussed other aspects of cultural cooperation between Gagauzia and the Republic of Turkey.