In the village of Chishmikoi, work is underway to seal the toxic chemicals burial ground.

Governor of Gagauzia Irina Vlah visited the burial ground located near the village of Chishmikioi, where work is underway to build an external sarcophagus.

Preparatory work is already underway since the beginning of April. A contracting company from Vulcanesti prepares the foundation and imports building materials. All work must be completed before the onset of winter cold.

“This burial ground is a problem not only of Gagauzia, but of the whole south of Moldova and neighboring countries. A few dozen kilometers from this place flows the transboundary Danube River. The construction of the sarcophagus will reliably protect the inhabitants of Chishmikioy from the environmental threat posed by the burial ground, ”the Bashkan said.

She also noted that earlier, through the mediation of international organizations, tens of tons of hazardous substances stored in warehouses of agricultural farms were removed from Gagauzia.

According to the project developed by the Czech agency DEKONTA, a concrete protective layer will be built over the entire surface of the burial ground. The new structure will not allow rainwater to penetrate into the ground and come into contact with the buried toxic chemicals. Thus, the risk of hazardous substances entering the soil and groundwater will be excluded.

The cost of the project to seal the burial ground near the village of Chishmikioy is 1.5 million euros. The funds were allocated by the government of the Czech Republic.