A delegation of the Turkish Red Crescent, led by General Secretary Husein Jan, visited the Gagauz autonomy on 23 May. Representatives of the humanitarian organization presented social assistance in the form of food packages to 100 elderly residents of the autonomy.
According to the GagauzInfo.md news portal, the Chairman of the Council of Elders of Gagauzia, Vasiliy Arnaut, the action was made possible through agreements with the Turkish Embassy in the Republic of Moldova. “We appealed to the Ambassador of Turkey with a request for assistance to the needy residents of the autonomy. Literally 2 weeks later, we were informed that representatives of the Red Crescent organization would come to us. We provided lists, and on May 23 the event took place in Comrat, ”noted Arnaut.
Social assistance was received by representatives of all settlements of Gagauzia.
Earlier, the Turkish Agency TIKA, together with the organization Turkish Red Crescent, also distributed social assistance to the settlements of Gagauzia and held a charity dinner at the Comrat Home for the Elderly.
The action is timed to the Turkish holiday "Holy month of Ramadan."