Vitali Vlah about the visit to South Tyrol: “This autonomy is 70 years old, we have something to learn”

From September 22 to 26, a delegation from Gagauzia led by the Minister of External Relations of ATU Gagauzia Vitaly Vlah visited South Tyrol autonomy in Italy with a working visit.
The Gagauz delegation also included the chairman of the Vulcanesti region Vasilisa Veixar, the Head of the Department of construction and infrastructure of Gagauzia Ivan Kolioglo, the Chairman of the Gagauz CEC Ivan Komur and specialists from the Executive Committee.
In the framework of the meeting of the Gagauz delegation with the mayor of the capital of South Tyrol, the municipality of Bolzano Renzo Karamaski, the parties identified a number of areas of cooperation. In particular in the field of education, culture and tourism. The Gagauz side also expressed interest in the process of harmonization of the autonomy laws and the central authorities of Italy. “You have already taken autonomy, we are interested in your experience in the field of legislation, the functioning of languages, in the field of education and tourism. Our autonomies are largely similar, but at the same time they are different. You have also gone far ahead in economic development. We would be very happy to establish a fruitful exchange of experience, said Vitali Vlah.
In turn, the mayor of the province of Bolzano, Renzo Karamaski, noted that such development of autonomy was preceded by lengthy work in the field of favorable lawmaking, because "everything will not work right away." “I understand your interest, but development issues need to be approached very comprehensively. We achieved this because we learned how to make money. At the same time, agriculture, tourism, innovative technologies were involved. We would like to know more about Gagauzia. To begin with, we can conclude an agreement on the mutual promotion of the culture, history and national cuisine of our peoples. I think education and culture should be the primary areas of our cooperation, ”said Renzo Karamaski.
As part of this working visit, the Gagauz delegation also visited the South Tyrol Autonomy Tourism Development Center, EURAC Science Center, and many high-tech laboratories, both agricultural and medical.