Governor of the ATU Gagauzia Evgenia Gutul address to the residents of Gagauzia

On October 31, 2023, the Head (Bashkan) of Gagauzia, Evgenia Gutul, addressed the residents of the Autonomy.

A Turkish company has signed a contract with a major European trader to purchase gas directly from the European gas supply system. The Turkish company, in turn, signed a contract with a Moldovan licensed operator for the delivery of this gas at a special price. The gas tariff for residents of Gagauzia will be several times cheaper: 10 MDL per cubic meter of fuel.

The leadership of Gagauzia expresses its sincere gratitude to the companies from Turkey, Germany and the Republic of Moldova, who managed to reach a compromise on the contracting and supply of natural gas to the ATU Gagauzia, at a preferential price.

Delivery will begin on December 1st. The contracted volume is sufficient to cover all the needs of the population and state institutions of the region.